Bright Start Academy

Excellence in Early Learning!
Proudly serving the Smithfield, RI
community since 1999!
Recognized and awarded Feinstein Jr. Scholars in November 2010!!!

"There is no piece of artwork more precious than that created by your own children, using their own hands, and their own imaginations. Our job as teachers is to provide that opportunity, promote their independence and creativity, and celebrate their achievements."
- Miss Kerri (Owner & Director)


The philosophy of Bright Start Academy is to guide children with positive direction so they may successfully develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. We seek to build these attributes not only by building academic awareness, but also by building social and physical skills that will correlate their self-esteem and self-confidence. Age appropriate social interaction, positive reinforcement, educational direction and encouragement will help make your child confident, in addition to being well prepared for kindergarten. During this development, we will ensure your child is constantly in a safe and caring environment.
We believe that all children learn through active exploration of their environment. Here at Bright Start Academy we use The Creative Curriculum combined with our own knowledge. We also apply the RI Early Learning Standards to our everyday routine. We always ensure the children encounter hands-on experiences throughout their day. We also provide problem-solving situations and promote independence as the children begin their journey through their early learning years.

Goals for Children

Here at Bright Start Academy, we strive to help the children meet the following goals:

  • Children will learn how to trust and love their teachers, caregivers and environment.
  • Children will meet the developmental challenges of becoming autonomous and taking initiative.
  • Children will develop confidence and a strong self-esteem.
  • Children will explore their environment while developing a love of learning.
  • Children will learn pro-social behaviors such as cooperation, respect, caring and tolerance.
  • Children will be provided with the tools to learn and problem-solve.
  • Children will develop logical thinking and verbal communication skills.