Bright Start Academy

Excellence in Early Learning!
Proudly serving the Smithfield, RI
community since 1999!
Recognized and awarded Feinstein Jr. Scholars in November 2010!!!

“If we had to choose just one thing that makes BSA stand out over other preschools, it would have to be the superior home-school communication they offer. At BSA you are welcomed into the school everyday, greeted by a staff member and given the opportunity to see your child’s learning environment. In addition to a monthly newsletter letting you know the units they will be covering, silly quotes that the children said, and a review of the previous month, you also receive a daily activity sheet. These daily reports highlight your child’s day: who your child played with, what activity centers they chose, what helper job they held, what academic skills they worked on, what books they read and songs they sang, and whether or not they were able to make good choices. We all ask our kids “What did you do at school today?” and the usual response is “Nothing!” With the daily activity sheets, you can truly see how they spent their day at preschool and you can ask questions to help them expand on those experiences.”
~Michaela, Smithfield

“We really love Bright Start Academy. The teachers are very loving and supportive. And it is a very clean and safe environment.”
~Carolyn & David, Smithfield

“We love Bright Start because-
It’s not too big and not too small,
Not hot or cold at all.
Feels just right
And feels like home,
Children learn through play
And love it so.”

~Sorona, Smithfield

“Bright Start is an excellent school, the teachers are wonderful and the academics are reinforced with art and play. I feel great knowing my kids are there during the day.”
~Kate, Smithfield

“Bright Start has helped our son grow in so many ways! His confidence has grown so much- he is able to meet new friends and learn so many valuable skills.”
~Gwen, Greenville

“Bright Start provides a very thorough, dynamic, age appropriate curriculum based on play. The environment is warm, nurturing, positive and safe. The program is flexible and reasonably priced. The staff is A+!”
~Charisa, North Scituate

“Bright Start offers so many ways for a child to learn a concept: art, show ‘n’ tell, acting, building, stories, food creations, music and fun. They meet any child’s learning style.”
~Michelle, Smithfield

“My daughter was very shy and very reliant on me before she started at Bright Start. The teachers and program at Bright Start helped her to break out of her shell and progress at her own pace. After her first year, she is a more confident child and has acquired terrific educational, social and creative skills that will be a solid foundation for her future.”

“Bright Start Academy is a daily routine preschool program that is socially and academically driven through fun and engaging activities.”
~Kathy, Glocester

“Great place for your child to grow outside your home. My little guy randomly sings some of his favorite songs learned at school and I get a kick out of it!”
~Mary, Smithfield

“A warm and loving learning environment, dedicated and devoted teachers and staff! Lots of educational enrichment, hands on fun and creative activities and projects! A great place for children to make new friends!”
~Dina, Cranston

“This dynamic learning environment has truly exceeded our expectations. We appreciate the opportunities to be involved in the program, from volunteering on special days or outings, to the drumming night, mother/father breakfasts, etc.. This offers a glimpse into the excitement of the program and an opportunity to witness our child’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing school with us.”
~Michaella, Smithfield

“My LONG drive was well worth it! Bright Start met and exceeded my expectations for many things especially curriculum and communication!”
~Julie, North Providence

“Bright Start has more than exceeded my expectations in a preschool. The staff is always upbeat and cheerful and it is evident that they want to see every child succeed. The pre-k program is both educational and fun- my daughter couldn’t wait to go to school everyday. There is nothing Miss Kerri hasn’t thought of. I would easily recommend Bright Start to both friends and strangers (and have on numerous occasions). We had an amazing year!
~Jennifer, Smithfield

“With the help of the caring staff at Bright Start, I’ve seen my son grow in many ways. When he started the program as a three year old, he was very quiet, shy and preferred to play alone. Now at the end of his preschool experience, he is confident among his peers and enjoys playing with others. The teachers at Bright Start get to know the students personally. Through daily hands-on lessons and activities, they truly get an accurate view of what the students accomplish and constantly share that information with parents through daily reports and in-depth progress reports. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the whole preschool experience at Bright Start!” ~Kim, Cumberland

“This has been a great year! My son has learned many things about math, science, writing, signing, fire safety, community helpers. The curriculum is creative and engaging. All of the teachers are caring and devoted to the students."
~Lynn, Smithfield